June 5th, 2024

Conservatives Say No to Reducing Nurse Burnout

QUEEN'S PARK – Today, the Conservative government rejected the NDP’s ‘Patient-to-Nurse Ratios for Hospitals Act, 2024’, which aimed to reduce nurse burnout and improve patient care.

"By voting against this bill, the Conservatives missed a crucial chance to be on the right side of history and support our overburdened nurses," said France Gélinas, Official Opposition NDP Health Critic. "Our healthcare system is in crisis. The NDP and Ontario's nurses have offered this government a solution that is proven to work in multiple jurisdictions.

Still, Ontario's Conservatives have said no to improving patient outcomes, addressing nursing burnouts, and saving hospitals money. They would rather fight healthcare workers and take them to court than find solutions to the crisis in our hospitals. Ontarians and frontline workers deserve a government that listens to them and prioritizes their well-being."

Gélinas' bill received resounding support from the province's nursing groups like the Nurse Practitioners Association (NPAO), Registered Practical Nurses Association (WeRPN), Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) and unions representing healthcare workers.


“The Patient-to-Nurse Ratios for Hospitals Act offered a meaningful way for the Ontario government to help tackle the nursing shortage and enhance the quality of care nurses are able to provide across our health system. Decades of research has shown the significant, positive impact legislated ratios have on improving patient care so it is extremely disappointing that our government refused to support this important legislation. WeRPN thanks MPP Gélinas for her support, and we will continue to push for this important change to improve the lives of patients and nurses across the province” after the vote was announced."
  • Dickon Worsley, an RPN and President of WeRPN
“ A vote in support of legislated nurse staffing ratios is a vote for dedicated patient care and a vote for the retention of nurses to deliver that care. The Ford government failed on both counts by voting against second reading of Bill 192 rather than sending to a legislative committee.”
  • Erin Ariss, RN, President of the Ontario Nurses’ Association
“Premier Ford likes to repeat the old business adage: ‘If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.’ Bill 192 is about measuring the nurses we have, so they can manage the care patients need. That’s why it’s disappointing but not surprising that Ontario’s Conservatives voted against turning dangerous and disorganized care into safe and personalized care with legislated nurse-to-patient ratios. Premier Ford is once again choosing to make it harder for nurses to be nurses.”
  • Jackie Walker, RPN and Executive Vice-President of SEIU Healthcare